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    Hamara Tutor is the right destination to find the best tutor you have been looking for. Find the most amazing, Motivated and enthusiastic tutors. Simply just Register/Sign up as a Student or Post your Requirement.

    • Hamara Tutor has more than 75,000 registered tutors
    • Tutors from different areas of expertise are here.
    • Cover Mostly Indian Metro and Major Cities.
  • Free Demo Class, Freedom to select any tutors

    Communicate with your Shortlisted tutors, We do not interfere between the student and the tutor. You have the freedom to select tutors yourself and we will provide you the search platform to find the best. We do not encourage any middle man during this process and we are just a source to reach your tutor and do not interfere in your discussion with the tutor.

    • Search Best one for you from 76,000+ profiles professional.
    • Filter the tutors based on area, Subject, education, availability, Reviews.
    • Hear from the professional, trainers and tutors
  • Direct payment to your tutor

    Hamara Tutor encourages students to pay the tutor directly. We do not charge an extra fee from the students or the tutors. Students can discuss with the tutors about the fee structure and mode of payment and choose the conventional structure. You can either pay the tutor in advance or afterward depend upon mutual understanding.

    • More than 20000+ students have registered with us.
    • Students get the freedom to choose the best tutor at affordable pricing
    • Students have the choice to choose tutors with different pricing.
  • Meet your tutor from the comfort of your home

    Hamara Tutor is the search engine that lets you read the profile of various tutors, trainers, knowledge experts and Institute. You can choose the best one based on their skills, years of experience and talk to them about the tutoring services offered by them. You can do all this from the comfort of your home.

    • Spend less time but find the right tutor
    • Choose from the list of experts
    • Hire the Suitable one according to your Budget and your terms & conditions


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This is What, I was looking for. It is very easy to understand and very easy to handle. HAMARA TUTOR is an awesome website.


I am very happy with their services. HAMARA TUTOR have arranged me an excellent home tutor with in depth subject knowledge.

Manoj Bansal
Manoj Bansal

It is a great concept especially for the children who are not able to cope up with the speedy teaching of teachers in a class of 40 children, where the teacher is not able to give required level.

Sujeet Roy
Sujeet Roy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is (HT)?

With over 75,000 registered tutors, HT (Professional Edusolution) is the India’s favorite tutoring website that Connect s students with tutors, institute & coaching classes as well. We started in way back in yr 2001. We are now expanding to provide tutoring (both Face-to-face Home Tutoring and Online Tutoring) to students in India & soon in near future internationally as well.

What are the charges to sign up and as a Student with HT? Is the registration for free?

There are “NO CHARGES TO SIGN UP OR REGISTER”, Registration is absolutely free of cost for all Student/Parents and to have your submitted profile approved. 

How to search a tutor and tutorial center/coaching classes?

On top of, there is a search option. So, please write your requirement and click the 'Search' button to show results.


How to post requirement or request a tutor?

You can post your requirements absolutely FREE. This will be based on your location, subject & category, class. You can Sign Up for this. By signing you submit your needs. This is simple 2-step procedure:

  1. Click Here to go to the registration form.
  2. Fill up the form carefully and click on 'Submit'.
This completes your registration process and registration is absolutely free of cost.

Is Student’s Sign up or Registration mandatory?

Yes, registration is mandatory to find the right tutor. It is absolutely free of cost.

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